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Symbio Direct is an exciting new direct-to-consumer initiative by Symbio Australia. We’re focused on providing premium, high-quality cleaning solutions delivered straight to our clients in the hospitality industry. By engaging directly with our clients, we’re able to provide a personalised approach to cleaning and chemical management.



At Symbio Direct we provide tried and tested high-grade premium cleaning solutions direct to our clients made by our parent company and manufacturing arm Symbio Australia.

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In addition to supplying our clients with a selection of premium cleaning chemicals & high-quality janitorial equipment we also offer:

  • Chemical Stock Management Solutions – We’ll look at what you have and tell you what you need. 
  • Our Chemical Specialists will even put your stock orders away for you. 
  • Chemical Training & Support – We provide expert knowledge chemical training and support for your staff through our own chemical training platform 
  • Chemical Dispensers & Service – We’ll not only supply you with the equipment you need but we’ll also make ensure it stays working for you.

As a business, we strive to ‘Know the need – Present the solution – Deliver the expectation,’ in every single interaction.


The word SYMBIO is derived from the word symbiotic, meaning a close and prolonged relationship that may benefit each member, a relationship between people or organisations that depend on each other equally.

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