Disposable vs Reusable Surface Wipes

During these current global times, it is more important than ever for organisations to thoroughly clean, disinfect and sanitise all surfaces on a regular basis. The health risks associated with the spread of germs, viruses and bad bacteria have made many businesses hesitant towards cleaning with reusable clothes. For this reason, we have put together […]

Clean Smarter Not Harder With Quality Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

There’s no questioning that cleanliness in food preparation areas is paramount for any business to be successful. A restaurant could serve the most delicious food, however, if the kitchen isn’t kept clean then best believe those doors won’t stay open for long. There are so many rules and regulations surrounding the standards of cleanliness in […]

How To Use ASTRA – Multipurpose Use

Astra is a low foam liquid multipurpose cleaner, designed for maintaining all types of hard surfaces including polished floors, benches, desks and other surfaces.