Best Cleaning Product To Use For Your Commercial Oven

If you run a commercial kitchen, you’ll know that your oven can get extremely greasy and grimy even after just one use. Depending on the type of food you’re cooking, you’ll probably need to give your oven a proper clean at least once a day. Finding the perfect product to do so can be tough, […]

A Unique Way To Clean And Sanitise

With second waves of the pandemic creeping in, cleaning our homes has never been more important! During quarantine, we’re spending more of our time indoors, which means hygiene needs to be prioritised. The issue here is that not many people confuse cleaning with sanitising. While cleaning involves sweeping and mopping to remove dust and dirt, […]

The Best Methods & Chemical Disinfectants For Cleaning And Sanitising Hospital Floors

Hospitals are only as safe as the measures put in place to ensure they are hygienic. It’s no secret that hospital floors fall victim to contaminants daily; when airborne bacteria, shoe traffic, trolley and wheelchairs, and spilled urine, pus, sputum, and other fluids. Several methods can be used to clean and disinfect hospital floors, and […]

Putting A Spark On Commercial Oven Cleaning

Hotels, cafes, and restaurant kitchens are filled with flame-grilling delights, delicious entrees, and mouth-watering desserts. Their ovens are a workhorse aiming to please their diners with enjoyable food, but with their vigorous use, food particles, grease, and other debris accumulate, causing you to think about commercial oven cleaning, which if not done properly, can affect […]

The Simply Range, It’s So Simple

Taking care of yourself goes beyond just your health. How we look after the inside is important, but we also need to take care of the exterior. From head to toe, beauty has always been important for men and women around the world. That is why we are excited to introduce our SIMPLY product range! […]

Bar It With Hospitality Cleaning Products

One of the best ways to run a successful business, especially in the hospitality industry, is maintaining a clean and healthy environment with hospitality cleaning products. Staying within your cleaning checklist or schedule is one thing. However, ensuring that you regularly clean your premises goes a long way in keeping staff healthy and customers happy and […]

Choosing The Right High-Quality Cleaning Products

Cleaning is always a priority no matter where you are, more now than ever. To prevent and avoid dirt, grime, and other materials from building up in workplaces, high-quality cleaning products and services are a must! Today, health and safety mean more than we ever imagined, which is why we need to keep business environments […]

Difference Between a Domestic and Commercial Dishwasher

Considering a Dishwasher for your Home or Business?  Whether you have dirty dishes at home or dirty dishes at your restaurant, a dishwasher is the fastest and most convenient way to keep them clean. Most family homes can make do with a domestic dishwasher but that does not mean you cannot have a commercial one in […]

Importance of Correctly Diluting Chemicals

Do you understand the importance of correctly diluting chemicals? The use of chemicals for hygiene has increased over the years and has probably grown the most since the Covid pandemic hit last year. Today’s hygiene is heavily reliant on the use of chemical disinfectants and sanitisers to kill bacteria and pathogens. You can find some of the […]

Quality v Generic Detergent

How do quality detergents differ from generic ones?  They both clean, so they must be the same? Unfortunately, not. Quality detergents are powerful cleaners that offer disinfection and sterilisation, when used correctly.  Cleaning is the removal of soil and contaminants from surfaces, whereas disinfection relates to the inactivation of pathogens. The cleaning process is about maintaining an area free […]