Bar It With Hospitality Cleaning Products

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One of the best ways to run a successful business, especially in the hospitality industry, is maintaining a clean and healthy environment with hospitality cleaning products. Staying within your cleaning checklist or schedule is one thing. However, ensuring that you regularly clean your premises goes a long way in keeping staff healthy and customers happy and keen to return.

The efficiency of your cleaning and the products you use, such as food-grade sanitisers, work together to slow the spread of germs and viruses’.

To help you follow health guidelines, effectively using alcohol-based hand sanitisers, disinfecting workstations, sanitising tables and other areas, we’ve put together this post with some of our best food-grade sanitisers for your restaurant, hotel or bar business.

Food Grade Sanitisers Off Of Your Hands

Before we look at ways to keep your premises clean, it is important to make sure that staff are encouraged and shown the correct way to keep their hands clean. With the many germs and viruses around, such as the global Covid-19 pandemic, using high-grade alcohol-based sanitisers will help kill germs picked up in and around the work environment. The best way to ensure that hands are kept clean is by using our HAND MICRO MIST Alcohol Based Hand Sanistiser. The Hand Micro Mist is a liquid hand sanitiser used as a spray and is particularly great for dealing with antimicrobial efficacy.

We recommend installing a range of dispensers around your premises, placing our Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers in the kitchen and toilets and the HAND MICRO MIST Alcohol Based Hand Sanistiser in entrances and around dining areas.

Get It On With Surfaces

Surfaces are another area of concern as they are constanly in use. Whether to chop food, roll out ingredients, mix drinks or simply store food and drink, they are a playground for dirt and grime, some visible and some not. We have a solution to help keep surfaces clean; the ALCO CLEAN: Alcohol Cleaner-Disinfectant. This is a powerful, triple action, cleaner and disinfectant with a lightly fragranced solution that kills germs and bacteria. This product is not only great for disinfecting but also leaves areas smelling fresh!

Wiping Dishes And Glasses Until They Shine

It’s important to leave a good impression so how do we suggest you deal with all those dirty dishes and glasses? AVALANCHE: Auto Dish Liquid is a commercial-grade dishwashing detergent recommended for use in industrial automatic dishwashing machines. This is the ultimate solution to deal with stubborn stains in hard-working environments and will leave glasses sparkling.

Food-Grade Sanitisers For Countertops

When you’re constantly working with food and food preparation equipment, you’ll need a fragrance-free cleaner. The PROTECT: Non Rinse Sanitiser is what our experts recommend for hard surfaces and benchtops as it will not contaminate when diluted as instructed.

Cleanliness In Appearance

Appearance is everything and we also have a laundry powder which is perfect for hotels and other overnight accommodation. The Earth Laundry Powder works to get rid of stains leaving your laundry with a clean and fresh aroma. At Symbio Direct, we have a wide range of cleaning and sanitising products for the hospitality industry. If you’re looking for food-grade sanitisers, laundry detergents and more, check out our range of products here.