Buckets, Mops and Bin-liners Are Not Created Equal

Buckets, mops & bin liners

When it comes to cleaning, having the right chemicals is only part of the solution. You also have to ensure that your cleaning equipment is of high quality so that you can get the job done effectively and efficiently. Put it this way, having premium petrol will only get you so far if you’re driving a broken-down Yaris with a failing engine. The same goes for cleaning supplies. Yes, your floor cleaner may be the best quality, but if you have a flimsy mop it’s going to take double the time to get the job done. That’s why here at Symbio Direct we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality cleaning accessories. We’ve got all your cleaning supplies for domestic, industrial and commercial cleaning needs, WHOLESALE!


Buckets and Mops

Whether you work in a restaurant, hotel, school or the medical field, everybody needs a quality mop (I’m not referring to your new hairdo).


Buckets and MopsEdco Enduro mops are produced to the highest manufacturing and quality standards. Using a unique blend of fibres, the Edco Enduro mop enables high water absorbency, superior particle pick-up and holds an extended yarn life span. The straight drop traditional mop style is durable, long-life and suitable for frequent use. The Edco Enduro mops come in a range of colours so that we can cater to your cleaning décor needs! If you’re going to clean, you may as well get the job done right and in style!





Buckets and MopsThe Enduro Round Mop edition provides a round skirt design for improved floor coverage and time efficient cleaning. These qualities are particularly important in the current and ongoing COVID health crisis. Additionally, the Enduro mop is machine washable to ensure you’re getting rid of those germs, dirt and other unwanted germs and bacteria before your next use.






Buckets and MopsNow that’s sorted, you’ll need a bucket for that mop. Forget about the day of painful and unconventional buckets and say hello to Symbio Direct’s Wringer mop buckets coming in metal or nylon for a more satisfying clean (yes, cleaning can be easy and fun when with the right tools). Our buckets are suitable for all heavy-duty mopping jobs. The Metal Wringer buckets can be stacked, meaning that your cleaning supplies cupboard won’t be cluttered like an overflowing pantry. The Metal Wringer is designed with a twin foot pedal to accommodate for left and right footed users. It also has an enhanced pouring spout for improved control when emptying the bucket (this way the staff won’t end up wearing the water – no more excuses of going home because their shoes are saturated!)



Buckets and MopsThe Nylon Wringer bucket is anti-corrosive, and the nylon design makes it easy to clean.

Similarly, to the Metal design, this bucket has a twin foot pedal feature to ensure comfortable cleaning for everyone. However, the Nylon Wringer offers ergonomic cleaning with its easy glide, non-slip pedals affording superior grip and stability when endeavouring those cleaning tasks.





Bin Liners

Buckets and MopsWe’ve all fallen victim to a dodgy bin liner. As the story goes, you’re on a mission to get an area looking squeaky clean. The rubbish needs to be taken out, but seconds later it’s escaped the bin one last time and the rubbish goes everywhere. Oops, you shouldn’t have cheaped out on those dollar store liners. Now you’re sitting on the floor, disgusted and picking up what everyone else put down. But fear no more, avoid ever having to straggle through trash ever again and switch to our durable LDPE garbage bin liners. Bin liners come in a variety of sizes (36L, 54L, 73L, 82L, 120L & 240L) suitable for a range of mid to heavy duty waste in your restaurant, hotel, local council or school.



With thousands of products on hand, Symbio Direct is your one stop shop for all your commercial cleaning supplies and accessories. From buckets and mops to bin liners, Symbio Direct provides durable equipment of the highest quality. Visit our website or give us a call on (07) 3166 0777cto discover how Symbio Direct can improve your cleaning experience.