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During these current global times, it is more important than ever for organisations to thoroughly clean, disinfect and sanitise all surfaces on a regular basis. The health risks associated with the spread of germs, viruses and bad bacteria have made many businesses hesitant towards cleaning with re-usable clothes. For this reason, we have put together a short article which unpacks the pros and cons of using single-use surface wipes, multi-use wipes and reusable cloths. But before we get started, it’s important to remember that, regardless of whether you are using single-use or reusable wipes to clean, one thing is certain. The best way to clean effectively is by ensuring you are using quality cleaning supplies.

Single-Use Surface Wipes

As the name suggests, single-use surface wipes are used to clean a given area and thrown out directly after. Many businesses favour these over re-usable clothes for the simple reason that they are a safe and easy option. For example, when using IPA Surface Wipes you are not required to dilute or use any other chemicals as they are already soaked in isopropyl alcohol impregnated, hospital grade disinfectant. As such, they are ready to use once they are taken out of their packaging, meaning they require minimal training and also have less risk of misuse or cross contamination. They are perfect for use in medical industries because they reduce the risks of cross-contamination associated with using reusable wipes in multiple rooms. However, for industries such as hospitality where staff are constantly wiping tables, benches, seats, and other surfaces, using a new wipe each time would not be very economically or environmentally sustainable.

Multi-Use Surface Wipes

Multi-use surface wipes are one of the most popular types of wipes, used in businesses across many industries as well as in households. This is because they can be re-used multiple times before having to be thrown out. They are convenient as they save businesses the time and effort of having to wash them once they get dirty. Additionally, these wipes are often colour coded. For example, Livi Commercial Wipes, come in five different colours:

  • Red: Used for sanitising
  • Yellow: Used for infectious control
  • Green: Used for commercial kitchens
  • Blue: Used for general hygiene
  • Brown: Used for café’s

By sticking to this colour code, businesses proactively reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Re-Usable Micro Fibre Clothes

Micro fibre clothes can be used for many purposes. However, as previously mentioned, quality is paramount. Symbio’s Premium Micro Fibre Cloth are top-of-the-line, producing excellent results. They can be used damp or dry, and with or without chemicals. Their super plush weave allows the microfibre to trap any particles and oils on a surface. They are great for removing any streaks on stainless steel and glass, absorbing any spills, and wiping hard surfaces. You can use them in bathrooms, kitchens, behind the bar, in an office or front of house… as long as you don’t use the same cloth! To avoid accidentally cleaning the bar with a cloth that someone else previously used to clean the bathroom, we recommend assigning certain colours for certain uses. For example, green for kitchens, blue for behind the bar, white for glass and red for bathrooms. Best of all these are easy to clean, all you have to do is throw them in the washing machine.

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