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Avalanche Concentrate STF

Auto Dish Liquid


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A commercial grade high alkaline dish washing detergent for use in industrial automatic dishwashing machines. Specifically designed for maximum results in hard water conditions. With added sequestrants it is suitable for all water conditions and will not cause any excess scale build up.

To be used through a suitable detergent feeder at 1.25 to 1.5 mls per litre dosing into fresh water as supplied to the dishwasher.


SAF-T-FLOW (STF) is our ‘close loop’ chemical dispensing system that has many benefits to the user. These bottles are supplied fitted with a special insert that provides a near air-tight seal ensuring chemical cannot leak, be spilled or incorrect;y dispensed. The only way product can leave the bottle is by using a corresponding cap adaptor that is fitted to the dispenser.


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