The All-In-One Sanitising and Disinfectant.

Sanitising and disinfectant

The past two years have seen all kinds of industries come to a standstill due to COVID-19 impacting the way businesses operate. From schools and childcare centres to cafés, bars and restaurants; countless businesses closed their doors and have ceased trading. It’s starting to seem like we are reaching the light at the end of the tunnel with restrictions easing across the country and businesses reopening. In hopes to safely operate in this new environment, extensive pre-cautions have been put in place to ensure an upkeep of hygiene and cleanliness. No matter what industry, frequently disinfecting and sanitising with commercial grade cleaning chemicals has become a top priority.

The standard routine involves using one product to clean the surface, then another to sanitise it, which can often leave an unpleasant chemical smell meaning that an additional product is needed to adjust the aroma. Needless to say, this involves a lot of effort, time and a variety of different chemicals, making it a tedious ongoing task. But what other choice is there, this has become the new norm so best get used to it. Yes, it looks like the need to constantly disinfect and sanitise EVERYTHING is here to stay but what if we told you that doing this can be made A LOT easier.

You may be wondering how? With Guard, a powerful 3 in 1 free rinsing cleaner and a commercial grade disinfectant, that is TGA listed, lightly fragranced to leave behind a fresh finish!

Why Should You Switch to Guard?

Gone are the days of needing countless products to effectively clean hard surfaces. That’s right, you no longer have to worry about ordering, purchasing, storing and disposing of 10 different products to rid surfaces of germs and bacteria. Guard will save you time by cleaning and sanitising in one action. It is designed to clean first and ensure a germ-free environment after use, without leaving behind any harsh chemical odours. On top of its triple action formula, this superior antibacterial, commercial grade cleaner can be diluted to serve as either a general or heavy-duty cleaner.

The application of Guard can be used in many industries including childcare, hospitality and janitorial.  This antibacterial treasure has been formulated to not only kill bacteria but also stop bacterial growth, making it perfect for areas with high contact touch points. Regardless of the type of commercial industry you operate in, Guard will help simplify the cleaning process whilst producing results which meet the highest of standards.

With a range of products on hand, Symbio are your total cleaning solution experts for all your commercial and hospital grade cleaning supplies. Discover how Guard can improve your cleaning by browsing our website today or give us a call on (07) 3166 0777.

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